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Encourager Team

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Encourager Team

As a volunteer on the Encourager Team, you have the most important role of the night. This event was conceived out of answered prayer and should be fully bathed in prayer before, during and after the event. Encourager volunteers have more specific Do's and Don'ts because of the seriousness of your role, working in direct contact with young people making eternal decisions. Please follow the process and adhere to the procedures. As an Encourager you will be asked to wear a lime green mesh vest during the event. These vests will be distributed prior to the event at check-in. The distinct and unique color will make it easy to spot the "safe" people. These "safe" people will be the ONLY people allowed on the field during decision time.

You will be required to wear a name badge that you will receive at check-in to allow you field access. Please review the FCA Statement of Faith (see the link on the main Fields of Faith webpage), then complete the volunteer sign-up form.  Only approved volunteers, wearing these mesh vests, will be allowed to work on the field for security reasons. Please know that it is VERY important that we provide a safe environment with solid, mature Christian men and women working with these new brothers and sisters in Christ and must have time to confirm your application through your pastor. These procedures are in place solely for THAT purpose.  Below, please on each link to review additional information that you may find helpful.