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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Panhandle FCA is organized with staff who report to the local Director, who in turn reports to a Regional Vice President of Field Ministry.  Volunteers, beginning with coaches on the school campuses, and extending to men and women who serve on our local Leadership Board and on designated board Teams (committees), assist staff by raising financial support, helping conduct both fund raising and ministry events, and donating both time and money to get both coaches and students to FCA summer camps.  FCA is the most volunteer intensive ministry in the country!

Below, you’ll find a short description of each “Event" or "Team,” to help you decide what area you might be best gifted to serve in:

Victory Banquet – Each Spring Panhandle FCA holds one major fundraising event called the Victory Banquet.  At this event, our intent is to highlight the progress of our ministry and to give the community an opportunity to both assist in underwriting the cost of what we do, and to volunteer to help at our various FCA events and activities.

This team would take the lead regarding the Banquet, working hand-in-hand with the Development sub-team, and the Social Media Team.  Activities would include: 1) website updates including pictures and video; 2) Public relations including press and print media and promotion, banquet brochures, banquet programs, and sponsor mats; 3) Sponsorships including development of a prospect list, prospect assignment, tracking commitments, sponsor thank you and follow up; 4) pre-event registration including securing lists of the names of all expected attendees from both sponsors and Table Hosts; 5) Setup/clean up including food, table arrangements, event check-in, and seating; 6) Silent auction including securing donated items, preparing bid sheets, item layout, pricing, payment processing, donor thank you, and gift-in-kind receipts; 7) Table Hosts, which includes soliciting prospects, securing prospects, communicating event info and Table Host responsibilities, and collecting attendee information.

Community Lunch – The goal of this monthly luncheon (most months during the school year) is to reach out to the community with information and updates on what’s going on with Panhandle FCA.  It will function as a meeting place for what amounts to our Amarillo FCA Booster Club.  All Panhandle FCA ministry partners will be encouraged to join us for these luncheons.  For each meeting we plan to have an interesting speaker, from the community, that will engage our guests with news/insight from the community, from the sports world, from the church world, always from an evangelical worldview. In addition to ministry updates, we will present our guests with opportunities to join FCA as an event volunteer, as a financial partner, or both.  All luncheons will take place on the fourth Monday of the month at (place TBD); with food service beginning at 11:30 AM; program and speaker starting at noon; and to be completed no later than 12:50 PM.

"FCA Champions" High School Football Banquet – This event will be a celebration of football in the Texas Panhandle, and those who both play and coach football!  Varsity football players (those who played at least 50% of the season on the varsity roster, varsity football coaches, and executive school administration are invited to this event.  NO sub-varsity or junior high players, parents (with one exception - see below), or general public are invited to this event. Because we are honoring the players and coaches of all varsity football teams in the Panhandle, there will be NO COST to any attendees for this event.  Each year we will bring in a high profile speaker of excellence to encourage and motivate all who hear their uplifting and lift-giving words.

The only requirement for every team that attends this event is we will ask all the players from each team to elect one player as their "FCA MVP."  We will be sending all coaches the criteria for this election and the winning player will be selected by the majority vote of his teammates.  The selection criteria will center around the four (4) core values of FCA which are: Integrity, Teamwork, Service, and Excellence.  All the selected FCA MVPs will be highly honored during this event, and each will walk away with an FCA Football MVP award.  At some point during the evening, a picture will be taken with each team's MVP, their Head Coach, and our speaker.  We anticipate that all MVP winners will be featured in our local newspaper and on our local nightly news broadcasts. Each MVP's parents will also be invited to this event.

Fields of Faith - Fields of Faith is a student-led, interdenominational event, where students challenge their peers to read the Bible and follow Jesus Christ.  An athletic field provides a neutral rally point where a community can come together. The strength of this event will be in the churches. Our message can be agreed upon by most of the evangelical denominations. What is that message? We are Christ-centered and Bible-based. The Bible is God’s Word and will guide you to a meaningful life if you follow it with all your heart, soul and mind, and Jesus is the only way to God. We want the rally to be neutral in its location and program. There needs to be an attempt to promote the rally with all Christian churches. The Amarillo stadium-based event will ultimately become our largest ministry event.  Each year it will take place on the 2nd Wednesday night in October.

Camp Scholarship Golf Tournament – This event is designed as both a PR event, to promote the FCA ministry in all area schools and school districts, and as a fundraising event for needed camp scholarship money.  Targeted participants for this competition are coaches and school administrators who would put together 4-player teams from their campus.  This FCA Golf Event Team would be responsible for all aspects of conducting a one-day golf competition.  This team would work very closely with the Marketing Team in order to organize and promote this event.

WTAMU Game Day Rally – Game Day is an afternoon event during football season, where we invite area coaches and Youth Pastors to bring their Huddles and Youth Groups to enjoy a great speaker, contemporary Christian music, a meal, a T-Shirt, and then attend a WTAMU football game together, as a large group.  This volunteer Team would be responsible to oversee and carryout everything having to do with this event, and would work very closely with the Marketing Team in order to organize and promote this rally.

Prayer Team - The purpose of the Prayer Team is to organize and sustain a ministry of prayer that provides a “spiritual covering” over FCA work in the local area.  Prayer for FCA needs to be the foundation of our ministry. We need to be praying for God’s guidance in everything we do.  We need to pray for His provision.  We need to pray for His guidance in this ministry, His blessings upon our Board, our staff, our coaches, our kids, and our donors. We need to be doing this daily as individual Board Members within our normal prayer time; however, we need to do this collectively on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis (when, where, what time, how often, how long?).  This team defines the best way to keep all members of the team informed and praying for the ministry, which include some combination of phone calls, email, and text messaging.  The Prayer Team can also engage church prayer groups, FCA huddle Booster Clubs, as well as Moms in Touch groups, to pray for campus ministry.
I see this as our largest team of volunteers.  Most everyone will agree to pray for the ministry.  I have dozens of cards from the last few banquets of folks willing to pray for the ministry.  This team will determine how best to enlist members and communicate prayer needs both to and from these members.  However, I specifically see this team meeting regularly to pray for our ministry and the needs that they are aware of.

 Coaches Ministry – Coaches Ministry includes anything that our staff, Leadership Board, and other assigned volunteers would do in order to encourage, motivate, and help any coach who lives in the Panhandle.  This means “developing personal relationships” with coaches and/or their spouses.  Any coach in either Middle School or High School qualifies and they do not have to be a campus FCA huddle coach. For those who “adopt” a coach, you would be in weekly contact with your assigned coach(s) by either making a personal visit; a personal phone call; a text message; and/or sending a small gift.  You would also be expect to pray for you coach, and to pray for any needs they ask you to pray about.  You would then let the Prayer Team know of the coaches’ needs, so they can join in prayer.
Activities for the Coaches team would include 3-Dimensional Coaching studies at individual schools; weekly Coaches Bible studies; occasional Coaches Breakfast fellowships; special “nights” for coaches and their spouses such as a Coaches Family/Date Night; and a Coaches Golf Day.
Marketing Team - This is the team that puts the “face” on FCA and presents that “face” to the community.  This team will help with design and support of the Panhandle FCA webpage, along with the design and usage of a Facebook page.  They will get involved with each event that we do as both webpage and Facebook pages will need to be updated.  They will be responsible for getting event information out to the media (print, radio, TV), community, and coaches as needed for each event.  They will also be responsible for capturing pictures and/or video from all the events that we do and then using those A/V files to help with future promotion of Panhandle FCA and our events.
 Members of this Team will need to be gifted in writing so as to create stories for our Newsletters and web pages.  They will also need to be good photographers and videographers in order to capture the heart of our ministry through the eye of an “observer” at every event/activity that we hold.  Someone will need to be able to edit all photos and video so as to tell the story of Panhandle FCA through digital expression.  Finally, they will need to develop relationships with the area-wide media so as to promote FCA through print/radio/TV every chance we have.

 Campus/Camps TeamThe Campus/Camps team could work on developing a Booster Club for each campus huddle; end of semester “Super Huddle” meetings; team devotional/Bible studies; team pre-game chapels, and the annual Game Day Rally.  It could possibly work with the huddle Booster Clubs in hosting activities that would raise money for the campus huddle, including money to send students and coaches to summer camps.  Also, we are looking at starting a local Power Camp, targeting 6-12 year olds, with the joint cooperation from the WTAMU Chaplain and his coaching and athlete contacts.